Lansing MI Elections

Election Training Resources

Jobs Cards – Brief Description Of The Roles Of Precinct Team

  1. Greeter Inspector Job Card
  2. Application Inspector Job Card
  3. E-Poll Book Inspector Job Card
  4. Ballot Inspector Job Card
  5. Tabulator Inspector Job Card

Inspector Training Resources

  1. Chair/Co-Chair Update
  2. New Inspector Presentation
  3. Check of Operations
  4. Poll Worker Code of Conduct

E-Poll Book Training Resources

  1. E-Poll Book Operations Manual
  2. E-Poll Book Training Presentation

Absent Voter Counting Board Training Resources

  1. Absent Voter Counting Board Training Presentation

For those who would like some additional reference material to review, please visit these sites:

Election Guests – Challengers, Poll Watchers, and More

Michigan Bureau Of Elections – Training Videos

  1. Provisional Ballots
  2. Duplicating Ballots
  3. Challenges
  4. Checks and Balances
  5. Campaigning
  6. Sealing Ballot Containers
  7. Additional Bureau of Elections Training Videos