Lansing, Michigan Voter Center

Election Training Resources

Jobs Cards – Brief Description Of The Roles Of Precinct Team

  1. Greeter Inspector Job Card
  2. Application Inspector Job Card
  3. E-Poll Book Inspector Job Card
  4. Ballot Inspector Job Card
  5. Tabulator Inspector Job Card

Inspector Training Resources

  1. Chair/Co-Chair Update
  2. New Inspector Presentation
  3. Check of Operations

E-Poll Book Training Resources

  1. E-Poll Book Operations Manual
  2. E-Poll Book Training Presentation

For those who would like some additional reference material to review, please visit these sites:

Election Guests – Challengers, Poll Watchers, and More

Michigan Bureau Of Elections – Training Videos

  1. Provisional Ballots
  2. Duplicating Ballots
  3. Challenges
  4. Checks and Balances
  5. Campaigning
  6. Sealing Ballot Containers
  7. Additional Bureau of Elections Training Videos